Pet Water Dispenser

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Some water bowl try too hard to be smart. The WESWAG water dispenser brings innovation into your pet’s life by focusing on the design to improve your pet’s quality of life.

The minimal design fits in any home interior. We made sure the dispenser is easy set up. You can dismantle it just as easily to clean. Set it up within a minute. Clean and maintain it without any cleaning kits.

The raised drinking tray ensures your pet doesn’t have to bend down low to drink, promoting healthy drinking habits with good posture to reduce gas, bloating and choking on water. It is battery powered with no cables your pet might chew on or trip over. 

Cats and some dogs prefer running water that is cool and fresh. The thermal motion sensor triggers automatic water refill by the pump every 30 minutes to avoid excessive refilling.


  • Automated pump with 30-minute refill interval.
  • Charge for 3–4 hours and use for 30–60 days.
  • Quiet pump operation of up to 40dB.
  • 2 L water tank keeps your pet well hydrated.

Color: White

Material: ABS & silicone

Size: L 9.84″ (250 mm) x W 4.53″ (115 mm) x D 8.15″ (207 mm)

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1-year warranty

Automated Refill Pump

The Pet Water Dispenser comes with a pump that detects your pet when it is near using and automatically refills the water. This provides fresh running water that entices your pet to drink. To save battery and avoid pets from playing with the dispenser, the automated refill will only trigger once every 30 minutes.

Designed for Easy Use

The minimal design fits in any home interior. We made sure the dispenser is easy set up so you can start using it within a minute. You can dismantle it just as easily. When it is so easy to clean the water dispenser, you can focus on making sure it is cleaned well for good drinking hygiene.

Eco-friendly Filter System

The filtration system keeps the water in the tank clean. While we sell our filtration pad, we urge you to use cotton pads instead to care for the environment.

Battery Powered

The Pet Water Dispenser has a 4,000 mAh battery. This makes it portable and cable-free. No cables your pet might chew on or trip over. And you don’t need to keep it near a power plug either.

2-Litre Water Tank

The 2-litre water tank keeps your pet hydrated throughout the day. Check the markings on the side to keep track of how much water your pet drinks.

What’s in the Box

  • Pet Water Dispenser
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Water filter
  • 3M non-slip pads
WESWAG Pet Water Dispenser

Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers the automatic refill?

The Pet Water Dispenser has an infrared sensor that detects heat sources moving near it. This includes both animals and humans.

Why did the Pet Water Dispenser stop refilling water?

After each automatic refill, you will have to wait 30 minutes before the the next time the pump refills. This is to avoid pets playing with the dispenser, and to help save battery by preventing frequent refilling.

Can I manually refill the water?

You can press the button on the pump to manually refill the water. It will dispense a stream of water for 20 seconds.

What happens when I refill too much water?

The water tray has an overflow that allows excess water to drain water back into the water tank after passing it through the filter.

What should I do if I’ve stuck the non-slip pads but I want to move it elsewhere?

The 3M non-slip pads are reusable. When you want to move your Pet Water Dispenser to a different location, just peel it off the ground and wash the non-slip pads to remove the dirt. Allow the pads to air dry and they can be used again.

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